Skaters climbing up Pine Drops | Photo by Meissner Nordic


The Meissner Nordic Community Ski Trails are located entirely within the Deschutes National Forest and operate under a Grooming Agreement issued by the United States Forest Service (USFS). Partnering together for over 20 years, Meissner Nordic Ski Club and the USFS provide winter recreation December 1st through March 31st to cross-country skiers and snowshoers. The groomed ski trails and snowshoe trails start at Virginia Meissner Sno-Park, located west of Bend on Cascade Lakes Highway near mile marker 14. The high point in the trail system is at 5,860 feet and the low point is at 5,020 feet.

Non-Profit Status And Bylaws

Meissner Nordic Ski Club is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and our EIN is 46-3255513. The Bylaws of Meissner Nordic Ski Club are the governing document for our non-profit organization.


The Tumalo Langlauf Club (TLC) was organized in October of 1996. Local elite skiers Justin Wadsworth, Ben Husaby, Dick Hunt and Scott Johnson proposed the idea, patterning the club after ski clubs in Europe where each town has its own Nordic ski group. The response from the cross-country ski community was positive. The name, Tumalo Langlauf Club, was chosen by popular vote: “Tumalo” for Tumalo Mountain a local landmark and “Langlauf,” the German word meaning “long run” often used to describe cross-country skiing. In 2011 the name was changed to Meissner Nordic Ski Club. Today the club boasts a large and vibrant community of cross-country skiers in Central Oregon.


In recent years the Meissner Nordic Ski Club has made major achievements at Virginia Meissner Sno-Park by:

  • expanding the trail system
  • working with the Forest Service in the design and approval process to enlarge the parking lot
  • building of the new Meissner Shelter
  • purchasing a fabulous PistenBully Snowcat to provide us with exceptional, consistent grooming
  • increased grooming to 5 times per week (Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat, Sun)
  • building of the permanent lodge near the parking lot, complete with tables and wood stove
  • working with the Forest Service to install the double CXT toilets
  • building of winter recreation information kiosk
  • providing reports on grooming activity

Meissner Nordic has also provided back to the community by:

  • hosting and coordinating Coaching Clinics and Learn to Ski Days each year
  • hosting of several ski tour events including the Luminaries Tour and Tour de Meissner
  • hosting of high school ski races
  • providing an accessible venue for community groups across Central Oregon to use to grow the lifelong sport of cross-country skiing
  • partnering with OSU-Cascades on a pilot project to test solar-powered night lighting


Our vision for the next several years includes:

  • improving the lodge
  • adding more groomed trails at the upper end of the Meissner trail system
  • growing our base of supporters to ensure our sustainability