Blue donation box at the Meissner lodge | Photo by Meissner Nordic


Donating to Meissner Nordic means you are personally supporting the vibrant ski activities we organize at the Virginia Meissner Sno-Park. Keep those efforts strong and sustainable by becoming a supporter today. There are two ways you can donate: online using a card, or by mailing a check.
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* The Corporate Sponsor donation levels are intended for businesses
* Meissner Nordic is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization and our EIN is 46-3255513
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Or mail a check to: Meissner Nordic, PO Box 2032, Bend, OR 97709-2032
* If possible please download the Meissner Nordic Supporter Form, fill it out, and mail the form with your check
What is the difference between a Gold, Silver, or Bronze level? Nothing! We realize that the economics for many families has been trying over the past several years, and with that in mind, we have set a three tiered support rate structure. Choose the option that makes sense for you and/or your family — based on monetary considerations and usage. (See the economics section for more detail.) Our goal at Meissner Nordic is to be inclusive, not exclusive. We would rather have you be a supporter at $1, than not a supporter at all. The above support levels are suggested amounts. If your condition warrants a different contribution amount, please contribute accordingly. Meissner Nordic — For the Community, By the Community.

Why Is It Important?

  • Collective Voice. Collective voice is community. This is very important to have when we are campaigning for additions and updates to the area (ie. Forest Service), applying for grants, or soliciting corporate donations. This may not be an immediate benefit to you directly, but it probably one of the best benefits long term.
  • Allows for long term financial planning and yearly budgeting. Again, very important!!!
  • Allows you to be a participant in setting the direction of Meissner Nordic (ie. through on-line surveys, participation at board meetings, etc.)
  • Allows us to buy insurance at reasonable rates
  • Provides a cost-effective training area for community, middle school, and high school ski programs. Specifically, Meissner Sno-Park is the training area for:

Economics of Support

Industry wide, it costs around $25 a day to cross country ski at a resort. The break-even point at Meissner for a Bronze support level is:
  • 3 outings for an individual ($75/$25 = 3 skis)
  • 2 family outings ($125 / $25 = 5 per-person trips = 2 family trips)

What do we ask of our supporters?

  • Volunteer. Meissner is for the Community, by the Community. It is thanks to supporters lending a hand that we are able to keep our support fees where they are now. Please consider playing an active role in Meissner Nordic with trail maintenance, trail hosting, leadership, etc. See the Volunteer page for how you can help out.
  • That you be an Ambassador for Meissner Nordic. Become familiar with the mission, successes and vision of Meissner Nordic. Be a “supportive” skier – help those who need a bit of assistance; shovel the entrance to the Lodge when the door is snowed in; smile and say hello when you pass other skiers/snowshoers; it’s the little things that make a big difference.
  • and, have fun and ski!!!