Tour of Meissner 2022 Prerace Notes

Tour of Meissner 2022 Prerace Notes

Bib Pick Up

1) At WebSkis (157 NW Franklin) 3-7 pm Friday
2) No bib pick-up at Meissner
3) Please bring a $20 cash donation or a check to Meissner Nordic. Put Tour of Meissner in the memo if a check.

Parking at Meissner Sno-Park

1) Please try to carpool or be dropped off
2) Park close together so we don’t take all the spots


1) Please wear a mask or buff until you start and after finishing
2) Be considerate of Non-Racers. Please go around them whenever possible. Smile!
3) No tracking — there will be at least 2 tracks: go around
4) Be careful on the big downhills
5) There will be volunteer Ham Radio Operators on Course in 5 spots (Swampy, Feed Station, Start and End of Wednesdays, Shooting Star). If you need assistance contact one of them.
6) A volunteer Ski Patrol will be based at the Lodge with Radio Contact and access to a snowmobile and sled


1) Wave 1 (Wooden Ski Division) will start at 8 AM
2) Wave 2 (Fastest Predicted Time) will start at (8:20)
3) Wave 3 at 8:25
4) Wave 4/5 at 8:30
5) There will be no tracks at the start (new FIS rules for Mass Start allow this)
6) Double Pole until about 100 meters where the double tracks will begin


1) Wear Bibs on the front so Timers can see numbers when finishing
2) The Timers will be recording finish times until 5 hours after the start
3) The Clock will run until everyone finishes
4) If you finish after 5 hours please record your time and report it to
5) Waves may be adjusted to even out numbers


1) Course will be double-tracked with tracks 48” apart
2) Tracks will be scrubbed on long winding downhills and some tight corners
3) The course is now marked with a combination of small orange markers with white arrows and larger orange markers with black arrows.


Change: The feed station will be at Junction 30 (Wednesdays and Paintbrush) and racers will pass by twice — once at 12K and once at 17K
1) Volunteers at the feed station (junction of Wednesdays and Paintbrush) and the finish will be wearing gloves and masks
2) Volunteers will not hand out food or drink
3) Food and drink will be laid out on the tables (bars will be in wrappers)
4) Be prepared to slow down and pick up your own food and drink


1) Awards will be outside the Meissner Lodge around Noon
2) Good Life Beer, Humm Kombucha and Great Harvest Cookies will be available
3) Fastest 3 Men and Women receive a Special Edition Free Range Phanny Pack
4) Other “Special” Awards