Trail User Guidelines

General Trail Etiquette

Please follow the etiquette guidelines below when skiing at the Meissner Nordic area.  The precedence of the guidelines is by their order.  For example, an advanced/intermediate skier should always yield the right of way to small children even if the child is moving up the hill and you are moving down the hill.

  1. If somebody appears to be injured or in need of help, it is your responsibility to stop and assist.
  2. Children and beginning skiers have the right-of-way. Intermediate / advanced skier always yield the classic track to children / beginners.
  3. Downhill skiers have the right-of-way. When an uphill skier meets a downhill skier, the downhill skier has right of way.  On steeper sections of trail, the uphill skier should consider stopping and moving to the side of the trail.
  4. Skiers practicing race techniques or race training (i.e. tempo workouts, interval workouts, etc.), must always yield the right of way.
  5. When over taking another skier on a downhill or narrow trail, pass on the left and announce your presence by stating “On your left”.
  6. Ski on the right hand side of the trail.
  7. Adjust your speed to the conditions.
  8. Respect the classic tracks.  Please do not skate ski, snowshoe or walk on the classic set tracks.
  9. When stopped, move to the side of the trail.
  10. Snowshoers please follow marked snowshoe trails or stay to the far right of the classic tracks (avoiding stepping on the set tracks, this includes the skate lane).
  11. Skiers with Dogs – Per Deschutes National Forest Rules, dogs are not permitted on the trails at Meissner or anywhere on the north side of Century Drive. There is an area maintained by Dog-Pac based out of Wanoga for off-leash skate skiing. There are also many miles of groomed snowmobile trails south of Century Drive that are great for skiing with your dog as well. Just be sure to listen for the snowmobiles…you can hear them before they will see you, of course.
  12. Snowbikes are discouraged from using the groomed trails at Meissner (though we think they’re fun!).   Instead, check out the groomed snowmobile trails that are accessible at Wanoga and beyond for some epic riding. In addition to groomed snowmobile trails being good for fat bikes, COTA has a grooming program also at Wanoga yielding 10 miles of fat bike specific (but open to snowshoes) fun singletrack.

Specific User Group and Sno-Park Stewardship Guidelines

USFS-Deschutes National Forest Regulations

Groups interested in hosting organized events, programs, or commercial activities at the Meissner Nordic Community Ski Trails must obtain special use permits from the U.S. Forest Service, Deschutes National Forest.  The Forest Service limits the number of special activity days at the Meissner area.  Parking is also limited; as a result, a parking management plan is usually required as part of the permit process.  Official permit requests must be submitted to the Bend-Ft. Rock Ranger District.  Monitoring and enforcement of this requirement is done by the Deschutes National Forest.  For Deschutes National Forest clarification of who is required to obtain special use permits, click here.

Meissner Nordic Board Involvement

To assist us in managing the multiple requests for use of the trails, we request that anyone planning a special event (regardless of if you already have a special use permit or not), please submit  a written summary of the event or program with preferred dates for Meissner Board review at least 30 days prior to the event. This is simply to ensure there are no conflicts between users for the proposed dates.

Special grooming requests for events may be granted by the Meissner Board and Grooming Committee.  Cost for special grooming is $175.00 per hour.

General Etiquette for User Groups

For groups with existing special use permits for ongoing classes or programming, please be conscious of the peak user times at Meissner (Holidays and weekends between 10 am and 1 pm) and do your best to be respectful of the general skiing community who will be using the trails with you.  Please consider having your group participate in a trail work day over the course of the season and encourage individuals in your group to donate toward trail grooming or become a supporter of Meissner Nordic.

Meissner Board contact: