Trail Maps

Meissner Trail Map

Want a map you can print and bring along with you on the trails? We have a simplified ski trail map available showing the Easiest, More Difficult, and Most Difficult trails. Just click on the image below to download the map in PDF format.

Meissner Sno-Park Trails map

PDF Trail Map

Want a map you can use on your GPS-enabled smartphone while you ski? Look no further, here’s how to load a georeferenced PDF map you can use even when you don’t have cell service or an Internet connection.

Avenza Maps download page Avenza Maps (formerly known as PDF Maps) is a free smartphone app that works with georeferenced PDF maps and displays your location on the map using GPS positioning. Click on the Avenza image to the left to learn how to download the app.
Meissner Sno-Park Trails map The U.S. Forest Service has created a georeferenced PDF map for the Meissner Sno-Park Trails. Click on the map image to the left to download the map. After you download the map you’ll need to load it into Avenza Maps on your smartphone in order to use it.
Meissner Sno-Park Trails map Another way to download the USFS georeferenced PDF map for the Meissner Sno-Park Trails is to scan it with your smartphone. If you have a barcode reader installed on your phone just scan the QR code to the left and it should start the download process. You can download the map directly into the Avenza Maps app.

Google Trail Map

Here’s an interactive map you can use on an Internet-connected desktop, laptop, or mobile device with a Web browser.

Google Trail Map The Google Trail Map has three layers showing groomed ski trails, ungroomed ski trails, and proposed trails. Trail descriptions can be displayed by clicking on a trail name in the map legend or on a trail line in the map body. Click on the map image to the left to open the Google Trail Map in a new window.

Meissner Brochure

We also have a Meissner Nordic Ski Club brochure with information about the ski area and trails, including the Meissner Trail Map. To download the brochure in PDF format click on the images below.

brochure1 brochure2