All trails start at the Meissner Nordic lodge | Photo by Meissner Nordic


At the trailhead there is a spacious lodge that is open to the public. The lodge is a great place to get out of the wind and snow. Inside you’ll find brochures with a trail map, picnic tables, and bench seating, as well as a changing room. There is also a wood-burning stove that is lit most weekends. However there’s no water, food, or power available at the lodge, so bring what you’ll need for the day. There’s a trash can in the lodge, but we don’t have garbage collection service at the Sno-Park so if possible please take your trash home for disposal.

There’s a donation box next to the lodge to support grooming operations, so please help keep us groomed.

Between the lodge and the parking lot is a set of double pit toilets. Cell phone reception at the parking lots is spotty at best, but on the trails you may be able to find better reception.

Inside the lodge | Photo by Nils Eddy
Virginia Meissner Sno-Park and lodge | Photo by Nils Eddy