Wednesdays trail update

Short story: This weekend (Feb 11-12) will be the last grooming this season on the Wednesdays trail so get out there and enjoy it Saturday and Sunday.

Long story: The Forest Service has told us the Wednesdays/Snowbush connector was left out of the original Meissner grooming plan formulated in 2008, and as a result we’re temporarily suspending grooming on the Wednesdays trail after this weekend. We’re in the process of requesting an expedited review to get the 2008 plan amended with the goal of resuming Wednesdays trail grooming next season. A day may come when we ask our supporters to write to the Forest Service to express interest in continued grooming on the Wednesdays trail, but for now all we ask is that you get out there and enjoy it this Saturday and Sunday.

Update on 2/15/2017: The Bulletin published an article titled “Forest Service blocks grooming at Meissner ski trail” that initially identified the wrong portion of Wednesdays trail. Meissner Nordic will continue to groom the Cinder Pit Road from Five Corners out to the Cinder Pit — the portion of Wednesdays trail affected by the Forest Service review is from the intersection with the Cinder Pit Road down to the low point in the trail system and back up to the intersection with Snowbush/Pine Drops.