Snow Bike Trail Development Discussions

Good Afternoon Meissner Supporters!

Any many of you may have heard, we are working with the snow bike community to create some winter trail riding opportunities that are separate from and independent of the current Meissner Trail System. The discussions have been collaborative and productive.

We are exploring creating some new riding options on the south side of Century Drive for bikes (on the opposite side from Meissner) and one additional new trail on the north side that skirts the outside of the current Meissner trail system that would provide access to Shooting Star shelter. Meissner is open to providing the snowmobile grooming for the trails using funds raised by COTA specifically for snow bike trail grooming. No grooming donations made to Meissner will be used to cover the cost of grooming or the wear and tear on the equipment – COTA Snow Bike donors will be responsible for meeting those expenses.  Because Meissner is not legally permitted to prevent any non-motorized user groups from using the trails at Meissner, we will continue to remain involved in the development of a new trail system for snow bikes in an effort to meet the interests of all user groups while also addressing their concerns. We are pleased with the nature of the planning and discussions to this point.

We will continue to keep you updated via our website, facebook and email as discussions continue to evolve.