ODOT’s Winter Driving Checklist

Traveling in Oregon’s snow country can be hazardous, especially if you are caught in a severe storm. The following checklist will help you be prepared in case you must travel during heavy snow.

Check your car—
Before leaving on a trip, you should check your car for the following:
• Is there sufficient anti–freeze in your radiator?
• Are the windshield wipers in good condition, and is the reservoir filled with winterized washer fluid?
• Are the muffler and exhaust system in good condition? A leaking exhaust system can fill a closed car with carbon monoxide gas.
• Is the gas tank filled? Long waits during storms are common.
• Is the defroster in good working order?

Extra equipment—
The following items will help you in case of an emergency, such as getting stuck in a snowbank:
• Small shovel.
• Flares.
• Bag of sand, rock salt or a skid mat.
• Ice scraper and brush to remove ice and snow from your vehicle.
• Rags or paper towels to clean the windshield.
• Battery booster cables.
• Warm, waterproof clothing, boots and gloves.
• Blankets.
• Flashlight with extra batteries.
• Emergency food supply.
• Extra drinking water.