Meissner 2016 Wrap-Up

Hello Meissner Ski Community Members,

Thank for being members and supporting Meissner Nordic Ski Club. Without you we wouldn’t have the support to make this one of the best years yet. Not only was the snow awesome, so was your support.

The Meissner Nordic Board of Directors has some news to share.

You may have seen the announcement on our website calling for new Board members. Those positions have all been filled. We’re excite to introduce to you the current Board of Directors.

Please come up and say hi when you see us out and about. We’re here to serve you and the best interests of Meissner Nordic.

If you are interested in attending any board meetings we will post an announcement each month on the website. Next meeting will be June 7th at 5pm, location is the North Rim Lodge.

Second, we are going to be emailing you a survey in the next week. We’d really appreciate the feedback to help us understand how Meissner Nordic can create an even stronger community. Please take a few minutes to submit your comments.

Thanks for your time and enjoy the summer-like weather.

The Meissner Nordic Board of Directors

Meet the Meissner Nordic Board of Directors:

Existing Members:
Larry Katz – Grooming Operations & Treasurer
Rob Schantz – Membership

New Members:
John Boylen – Secretary
Kit Clark – Sponsorships
Susan Hopkins – Membership
Jesse Nehring – Events & Communications
Steve Roti – Technology
John Stephenson

 Board Member Bios:

Larry Katz

Rob Schantz
I joined the MN board about one year ago. I’ve been a member/supporter for about 10 years. I am responsible for tracking the supporters and sending out the thank you trail passes. My main interests are the trail and firewood work days and trail planning. Next year I hope to be able to help Larry with logistical support in operations as needed.
I recently retired from the Forest Service, but am still practicing forest management part-time. I enjoy reading historical books, hiking, biking, and playing acoustic guitar. I’m excited about the growth and stability of the MN ski community and look forward to being part of its future!

Susan Hopkins:
Community member since 8-8-88…. Moved here from Washington state to work at St. Charles.  Met husband Benjamin and raised two great kids-Melly and David.  Whole family has skied and played in the snow over the years… I love Meissner because of it’s “family feel” and the little banana belt that it is when it’s stormier up on the mountain.  What a great backyard we have!

Steve Roti:
Born in snowless Los Angeles, but the winter sports gene was passed down from his father who grew up skiing at Suicide Hill in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. His interest in skiing grew when he lived in Portland during the 1980s and 1990s, and became a bit of an obsession after he moved to Bend in 2003.

Kit Clark:
My name is Kit CLARK. I have lived in Bend since 1998 and retired from the practice of medicine this past December. I have an avid interest in Nordic skiing and am anxious to help promote and advance Meissner Nordic Ski Club.

John Boylen
I love pretty much “all things out doors” as they provide a centering influence in my life.  I started Nordic skiing in Central Oregon a little over 35 years ago.  I like skate skiing for the workout and touring on my diagonal skis for the scenery and solitude.

Jesse Nehring
I was first on Nordic skis as a 2 year old.  I love the feeling and solitude of being on my Nordic skis, groomed trails or touring. I enjoy the Nordic community in Bend and I am excited to help contribute to the Meissner Nordic Ski Club.

John Stephenson
I am a so-so nordic skier with aspirations to get better and a hope that contributing to the Meissner Nordic community will get me out there more!   The bulk of my time is spent as a Fish and Wildlife Service Biologist with responsibilities for tracking Oregon’s growing wolf population and working with ranchers to protect their livestock.  This involves many hours of driving on sparsely traveled rural highways to reach the remotest parts of central & eastern Oregon.  Ever been to Brogan, Lostine, Prospect, Halfway?  For better or worse, I spend far more time in places like these than I do in downtown Bend.  So, if you’re looking for a wild place to go in Oregon’s Outback or where you might possibly hear a wolf howl in the night, I might be able to steer you in right direction.  Will trade for tips on how to ski the hills faster.