Grooming update

We’re still on the holiday schedule through this weekend which means we’ll be grooming the trails Friday (tomorrow), Saturday, and Sunday. Then we’ll resume the regular schedule next week. Thank you to all our supporters for your generous donations that have made daily grooming possible during this holiday season!
Our snow pack is losing some of its depth especially on road to cinder pit and at the bottom of Pine Drops. The daily freeze/thaw cycles makes for difficult grooming conditions If this continues, and there is not a major moisture event on the horizon, we will change our grooming regime as follows:
1) As of today Ponderosa/Penstemon is out;
2) After Saturday Pine Drops & Wild Strawberry will be out:
3) On Saturday we will groom to the Cinder Pit & Shooting Star for the last time until conditions improve.
4) Starting Sunday we will only groom Tangent, Gentian, Gilia, Bitterbrush loop, Larkspur, Mushroom, upper Snowbush and Manzanita to the shelter.