Meissner Luminaria-February 13th, 2016


Annual Meissner Nordic Club Fundraiser

Join us for a magical night of skiing or snowshoeing by the light of hundreds of luminarias to the Meissner Shelter (1.5 mi. one way).  This is a great event for families and is a long standing Meissner tradition.  The event is our biggest fundraiser of the season and donations are encouraged.What is a luminaria? Simply put, it is a paper bag with a lit candle inside. For the Meissner Luminaria the trail is lined with these flickering lights to guide nighttime travelers all the way to the Meissner Sshelter where a bonfire awaits.

The event is also one of Meissner Nordic Club’s marquis fundraising events for the season. Donations are encouraged and  appreciated. You can make your donation at the sign- in welcome tent !

We look forward to seeing you out there.

The Details

  • Please bring a headlamp or light stick for safety (please use only as needed).
  • This event is open to skiers and snowshoers! Classic Skis are recommended and encouraged if you have a pair. Please wait to put them on until after you have passed through the entryway.
  • Please, please try to arrange carpooling since we expect parking to be tight! And don’t forget that snopark passes are still required for the parking lot. For more advanced skiers, it is possible to park at Swampy snopark and ski to the start using your headlamp to guide you.
  • We light the candles at dusk and they will burn until 9pm,  after that you’ll have to rely on your own light source or the moonlight.
  • The event starts at 5:30 PM.